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The Shopaholic’s Guide to Flash Sales

Flash Sales

You’ve seen them – they’re everywhere! “Deal-of the-day”, “daily deals”, “lightning deals”, etc.- flash sales are taking online shopping by storm. In honor of a little company called Saks Fifth Avenue buying Gilt – let’s talk Flash Sales. There are so many flash sale sites out there so here’s our insider guide to flash sales – from Amazon to Zulily.

What are “Flash Sales”? Flash sales are a form of online shopping where a limited amount of a product is available for a short amount of time at a discounted rate. Products can be anything – from cigars to Christian Louboutins to flights! To purchase the deals from a flash sale site, you  often will need to sign up for the site. From there you’ll get emails about daily sales so you can jump on the deals you want.

Will I save money? It depends. Flash sales often sell products at a discount. However, the “get it while it lasts” adrenaline rush can spur impulse purchases and completely derail any well-intentioned budget. While that great art piece may be a screaming deal, make sure the product you are purchasing will have a place in your home, closet, life, or stomach! Make sure you’re familiar with the site’s return and customer service policy before making your purchase. Scoring a great deal on flash sale sites can also take a little bit of smart shopping. According to Real Simple, you’ll want to start at the bottom of the page, utilize the waiting list feature, and shop on Sunday nights. That being said, flash sales are also a great place to find limited edition merchandise – check out “52 Rhoda” where you can find curated, one of a kind products created by local artisans.

What can I buy? Almost anything. Flash sale sites cover almost every category from handbags to hardware to hotels!

Alright, where do I find these? You can start by checking out our favorite list of flash sales below. Have a favorite site we should check out? Send us your suggestions here and we’ll share the best ones!

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