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Starting up a good, potentially successful eCommerce store, takes time! As George Harrison chorused: “A whole lot of precious time!”

And we have our mind set on you, 52rhoda! Originally we hoped to launch 52rhoda by Spring 2016. Our new target to launch is August 2016 before Labor Day. Although it has seemed like a slow process, we have accomplished much since Newsletter No.1 and are WELL on the way to nail that launch date!

  • We attended a seminar hosted by the Boulder SBDC (Boulder Small Business Development Center) entitled “Six Pillars of E-Commerce” moderated by Sam Gastro. Sam has lots of experience with ecommerce websites that he has developed personally and the lessons learned were invaluable.
  • Speaking with local artists who we have known for some time, the look, feel and technical capabilities needed for 52rhoda have emerged and this process, which is ongoing, is honing our storefront to perfection.
  •  The mission for 52 is not to just sell art. Rather it is to enrich the viewership in a magazine style format, one that is powerful, authentic, intelligent and creative. Telling the artist or maker’s story, exploring thought processes that developed their artwork, with the goal of bringing a spotlight and heightened exposure to art, the artist’s world and the artist to the viewership.
  • Yes, 52rhoda will also offer select pieces of each maker’s work for sale. The selections will be one of a kind, numbered and signed and will be exclusive to 52rhoda. We are collaborating with each artist to select the best of the best. Product that is specially curated to be high quality original art that the purchaser will have the utmost confidence in to purchase and display in their home or office or for gifting.
  • We are thrilled to have our artist’s and their works for the first prototype launch of 52rhoda committed. All are incredibly talented and local to the Boulder and Louisville Art Community. We are keeping their identity as a secret until our great website reveal! Stay tuned to be the first to know about the big reveal of our 1st Edition of 52rhoda!
  • Rosemary Carstens, (http://www.wordsandpaint.com/) a local writer, author, editor and painter herself, has joined our team of contributors as Editor, and is currently busy writing the artist stories for 52rhoda. Rosemary has written articles about art, painters, sculptors, ceramicists, etc. for national and regional magazines and corporations as well as many books and blog articles. Rosemary has been published many times in Western Art & Architecture, Southwest Art, Fine Art Connoisseur, Niche, American Style and more. We are literally thrilled to have Rosemary working with us. She is a gift and is the fabric that will make 52rhoda a successful read for everyone.
  • Do you remember ELEPHANT? The first customer at the garage store that I had as a kid? Well, he’s getting a new look! We’re collaborating with a young, award winning creative designer to remodel Elephant to become our Trademark. More on this later!!

Here is our “model” elephant that will inspire our new trademark.  This elephant was found at a specialty shop in New York and was handmade by an indigenous woman in Uganda. She received all proceeds from the sale. The body is made completely of small iridescent beads that shimmer gold, silver and black. It is both whimsical and elegant at the same time – much like the pieces you’ll find on 52rhoda.

photoshoot of model elephant

Interested in becoming one of our artists or makers? Click here to find out how!

That’s all the 52rhoda news that’s fit for print right now folks! Watch for updates and the big reveal on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
I’ve got my mind set on you 52…. And it’s gonna take time, a whole lot of precious time, to get it right.

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